The Elements of Euclid



Euclid’s Elements is the oldest extant large-scale deductive treatment of mathematics. It has proven instrumental in the development of logic and modern science, and its logical rigor was not surpassed until the 19th century. It has been referred to as the most successful and influential textbook ever written.

It was one of the very earliest mathematical works to be printed after the invention of the printing press and has been estimated to be second only to the Bible in the number of editions published since the first printing in 1482, with the number reaching well over one thousand.

For centuries, when the quadrivium was included in the curriculum of all university students, knowledge of at least part of Euclid’s Elements was required of all students. Not until the 20th century, by which time its content was universally taught through other school textbooks, did it cease to be considered something all educated people had read.

Presented here is the classic late 19th century edition by John Casey, comprising the first six books of the Elements, propositions 1-21 of book XI, and an appendix on solid shapes.

The Elements of Euclid

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